Winer Observatory Sonoita Facility Roof Status

Data as of 2016.10.10 18:46:37 UT

Parameter Name Status Event Time Duration Comment
Roof State CLOSED 2457672.120174 0D:3H:53M:33S
Roof Position CLOSED 2457672.120174 0D:3H:53M:33S OK
Garage Door Position CLOSED 2457672.120174 0D:3H:53M:33S OK
Weather State OK 2457669.661319 2D:14H:54M:19S OK
Roof Control (Software) AUTOMATIC 2457652.508484 19D:18H:34M:23S OK
Roof Control (Hardware) OK 2457652.508484 19D:18H:34M:23S OK
Dome Flat Observer
Inverter Fault (UPS) 2457652.510741 19D:18H:31M:9S OK
Power Failure
Roof UPS State DISABLED 2457652.508484 19D:18H:34M:23S OK
GPS State

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Time of Last Reboot: 19 Days, 18h:35m:00s
Version: obsd, v2.1.1 04-Jul-2014 (P. N. Daly)