Winer Observatory Sonoita Facility Weather Status

Data on 2016.09.10 18:46:37 UT

Parameter (Metric Units)ValueErrorInstrument
Wind Speed (m/s)5±4.8RainWise Mk III
Wind Direction (deg)247±10RainWise Mk III
Air Temperature (°C)25±1.1RainWise Mk III
Humidity (%)19±2%RainWise Mk III
Barometric Pressure (kPa)0.00±0.013Solartron DPM-7885
Rain for Today (mm)0.00±2%RainWise Mk III

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ALERTS: High-Wind=NO Precipitation=NO Cloud=NO Humidity=NO

Archive of weather and seeing data (Provided by the University of Iowa)

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The Clear Sky Clock for Winer is provided by Attilla Danko. Background photo by Tom Kaye.

Time of Last Reboot: 19 Days, 18h:35m:00s

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